Land in Anchorage

Initiated on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022, in Anchorage, Alaska


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In 2017 I procured an 80-acre parcel of land in Anchorage, Alaska. Below are documents related to this property, including the original land patent relating to the homestead, and my plat information as the second owner. This piece of land has some historic significance, and is situated near scenic Chugach state park, with views of the inlet, on the edge of Anchorage’s roadway system. Some time after the purchase of this land was a civil lawsuit created with a complaint from neighbor’s wanting permanent public park access along my driveway, initially through a gate erected by my neighbor. The lawsuit for this access was on the news in Anchorage a number of times, and involved notable politicians. The issue involved Anchorage’s Mayor, more than one municipal attorney, and state representatives and judges and family members who were photographed trespassing. Legal history regarding this case in which I self-represented through trial as attorney pro-se can be found here: Civil Law.

These documents substantiate as historical artifacts parts of my living autobiography.


These are documents related to my procurement and survey of my property. These documents are relevant to my investment and build plans.