Living Autobiography

Created: November 28th, 2022



The primary interest of this website is one of Moral Philosophy, but as a part of that study, it is also a work of the life of the author, and constitutes a living autobiography, which is actively used and feeds into itself.

The current pages which constitute the ongoing additions to the living autobiography can firstly be found in the main contents, as the entire site is the living autobiography. However, those pages that are more directly related to this are here:

These recordings relate to each of the ways that a person can interact and communicate with others and itself. By itself I mean I’m myself, as the primary book audience. Information about myself would be included in these types of recordings. It would include recordings about my spatial life, my introspective life, my social life, and would include simple data. The objective to provide something complete about those parts of life in which recordings commonly occur. Recordings have a periodicity. If you are making social posts to social websites, you do it repetitively in a disconnected fashion at different times. It is not currently possible to continuously record and store. Always there are chunks of information recorded discontinuously, when it is possible and there is motivation to do so. When recordings occur, they are either in written format or involves media, like images and videos, and audio files. Each of these links correspond to channels in which I’m motivated to make periodic recordings in those formats. Some of these recordings end up on other social sites, and have been planned to be the primarily location in which “omnichannel” delivery would happen.

The author is a former software architect and has designed this site and underlying software, and the book and journal architecture to facilitate permanently (really semi-permanently), recording and collecting all of this information. This is a living autobiography that is also the aggregate of all his digital images, video, and writings, distributed to each channel in which the author is presently motivated and able to deliver it.

Part of the objective of this site is to provide a working software example, and example of a comprehensive life record, that will either provide example to others, or will be working for others to use (depends on work to be completed), and also, and most importantly, is functional for the author himself in his various goals and objectives in writing moral philosophy and more generally living a high quality life.

– Mattanaw

November 28th, 2022, Cairns, Australia.

Author: Mattanaw, Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

Former Chief Architect, Adobe Systems

Current President/Advisor & Chief Scientist, Social Architects and Economists International.



[Written in 16 minutes with approximately 3 typo corrections only. Semi-blind typed. Copy-paste of contents from already completed contents on thoughtstream page.]