How and Where Can I Take an Accredited IQ Test?

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Author: Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

Published: September 17th 2018

Edited: Original Edition

Quora Question: “How and Where Can I Take an Accredited IQ Test, and How Much Does it Cost?”

My answer:

Personally, I would plan to take several tests. Mensa testing is the cheapest route for sure, but it is useful to go to a licensed psychologist for different kinds of tests. Remember- no single test can give you a definitive answer regarding your intelligence. You must rely on a test battery, or combination of tests, to really get an appreciation for your talents and weaknesses, and interpret your score accurately.

Psychologist proctored tests can range significantly in duration, and depending on the rates of the psychologist/psychometitor, it could be as low as $240 and as high as $800, for a single test, with a report. The WAIS-IV test is timed, so will likely be cheaper. The Stanford Binet can take longer, since untimed, so might be more. I never took the Cattell.

As another respondent noted, the total may depend on whether or not a report is written. In my experience, geographic region was the biggest influence. A test in an expensive region will likely be significantly more costly.

I encourage taking a test or two if there is a true desire to identify strengths and weaknesses, for a constructive purpose. I don’t know of a quick site to visit, or number to call, to arrange an appointment. I would do a google search for psychologists and psychometricians in your area, and call around. A psychologist’s office will be kind enough to point you in the right direction. This is what I did. But if you want a simpler option, take the Mensa test.

[Mattanaw was not the author of the Quora Question. Only the answer.]

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