Establishment Reviews

Sunday, June 26th, 2022, at 2:57 PM Alaska Time

Moose’s Tooth, Anchorage

Still probably the single best place to go in Anchorage. Staff is high quality, and it appears they have a good livelihood, and perhaps enjoy the benefits of involvement in a respected establishment. There are some staff members I recognize over the years and it is nice to see them again each time I’m there. Was considering four stars, gave 5. The one downside of this establishment is the slums are encroaching. Sick of hobos and street oddities.

Kinley’s Restaurant

Kinley’s is a serious “overpriced skip it” establishment. Went with my parents and former wife, and while there was wondering “Why would we not step next door to Moose’s Tooth?” Felt ridiculous eating there, and it is odd. One of those “never felt normal” restaurants, especially since temptation to something good happens even while sitting inside eating.

Bear Tooth Restaurant, Spenard, Anchorage, Alaska

Historically I’ve liked this restaurant but the onry curmudgeons of Anchorage, thinking themselves a gang, harass upper crusts. I’ve had great meals, and others in which afterwards I wondered about poison control, particularly in a severely botched wild mushroom pizza with toxic and repulsive, stinky in retrospect, sun dried tomatoes. There have been other issues. Why is soap traveling up my esophagus?

This is one of the better establishments in the slums of Spenard though. The bar is very small. Don’t expect comfortable drinking. You’ll be at a table or someplace else, unless you’re alone with space on their micro bar seating area.

If you are making a trip into Anchorage I would recommend giving this a read. You’ll want to be careful about where you go.

Matanuska Brewing, Eagle River Alaska

I’ve enjoyed this restaurant historically and the bar staffers are often very kind and easy to talk with. However, it is in a rickety old wooden building, which does have some charm, but otherwise creates the impression that the town of Eagle River is slums. This is one of the nicer establishments and still, it has this dilapidated barn-like vibe that is absent of the better establishments in Anchorage. I’ve had good drinks and food, but have more than once left feeling as though I was seeping excess salt unto cardiovascular problems, and other times I’ve been seeping soap, which indicates an inability to clean dishes. As a drinking spot, it’s totally unacceptable. One cannot have two beers, and four servings of soap later in the evening because of their inability to dish wash or use modern technology.

Anchorage Marriott, Alaska

The rooms are somewhat comfortable but not to the standards of the flagship Marriott brand, which should be more luxurious, have better service, and better surroundings. This property is in an area that has deteriorated unto slums. Read my article for more information since all Marriott properties in Anchorage have this issue of being in a dilapidated locale. The residents know it, everyone knows it. It’s not great conditions, and crime is bad.

Fur Rondezvou, Anchorage, Alaska

The Fur Rondy is entirely repulsive, involving the wasted dog pelts, that no native has entirely utilized. False and disgusting. Old, primitive, and unmaintained in values. Really reconsider treating this activity with any respect at all.

Think about it. Those dog pelts, if fully utilized, would require dog eating.

Those buffalos that you think were harmed in the process of taking their furs had more of a chance of being eaten than these sorry wolves and dogs. It is not really normal to eat dog or wolf, and yet their pelts are taken and sold, and nothing is utilized, not even the pelt!

Needs to be totally ceremonial and historical in intent. Reenact it perhaps, but like Gettysburg, don’t have a new war. It’s over and done and now is disgusting!