Music and Art

Tuesday, June 20th, 2022, at 11:32 PM Alaska Time



Since initially creating my life categories and priorities document in my 20s I included music and art, and have used it to remind myself of its importance for my overall well-being, but have done very little with it. This section was in the later sections of my Personal Form, and I think in all the time maintaining that document, and reading the categories for awareness, I have done very little to fill it in with any music or art related activities.

However, I did stop being creative, and realized that much that I do naturally is artful and musical. I was also aware that the attention to the category I was really wanting to have at the time, and even now, is more of a consumer, a critic, or a connoiseur, and less as a producer, excepting for photography, and written/verbal creations.

It would be a mistake to think that one would have to create paintings, or play an instrument, or make musical recordings, to include art and music as an important part of a fulfilling life. Instead, one can have it at a minimum to recall that one could benefit from visiting museums, travelling to museums, creating playlists of new music to listen to, finding new sources of inspiration and seeing sights that are worth remembering and feeling as much as sights of nature and the outdoors. There are also very basic ways to be artful and creative, and being both is largely caused by simply behaving in a free manner, without too much regard for rigid social rules of behavior. One can dance easy enough, or play with humor in a musical way, without too much deliberate effort to be an artist or musician. It can simply be mixed in with ordinary life.

Again I’m including it in my list of personal priorities and as part of my personal guide and form, to remind myself that I can be this way routinely. I want to infuse it more in my regular behavior, and I want to do a bit more to work as a serious artist and musician too, since that is genuinely a part of my talent and I want to develop some skill. However it is not necessary. I raised the priority of this section becasuse now I have some extra time to devote to my own developement in this area, whereas when I was younger, I did could not as easily justify the attention. I was more interested in fitness, my career, readin and writing philosophy, and thinking about my savings/finances. Now however, much that I wanted to achieve in those areas is complete and now I’m wanting to spend more time creating and enjoying music and art, with more careful attention.

Here I will include some developments that I’m able to make and some stretegy on how to make art and music more included in life.

[More to come]