Situations and Significance

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Author: Dr.9 Mattanaw, Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh, Retired

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The Earth and surrounding solar system, and general celestial system of interest, constitutes a complete situation, knowledge of which informs people on what behaviors are to be encouraged and discouraged in their own lives. The concept of situation is one that requires careful elaboration/explication in order to make sense of one’s morality, ethics, and plans for behavior. Situations closer to a person’s life are greatly preferable to those that are more distant for general utility in one’s life plans. Differences in living situations are relevant for identifying what is different and similar in lives in order to know what is more constant and more variable in one’s ethical system. An assumption of the author is that moral training would not be identical between people, and the article Abandoning Equality, in the preliminary readings, provides foundational but partial justification for this perspective. Information of the larget context including history of human life, from the beginning of Earth is useful for understanding physiological functions and relationships to other life on earth and animal pathways of development. An article in progress Humans are Animals provides preliminary but partial justification of this thesis. Situations, as the reader knows, also includes life-circumstances, and happenings, that one focuses on to resolve problems of various kinds. People often have difficulty explaining situations to others because of their complexity even when the happenings of interest were brief or included few participants. Moral thinking very often focuses on small issues which are thought of perhaps as moral or personal, or interpersonal situations. Court cases typically involve small situations, and cases for these can be very complex with much disagreement. Legalism is connected with moral philosophy and ethics, in that both are interested often in these scenarios. Situations are also related to modeling of life, and for identifying what is true and false in certain utterances and representations.

These considerations and more will be coverd in this chapter once complete. For now it is placed here as a planned section, which may provide more information as to the direction of the Book and Journal.

There is also a section on the concept of situation.html in the article on Procrastination. It is included in this article because it is highly important for understanding motivation. One cannot understand one’s own procrastination or challenges with motivation without a good analysis of one’s own situation. One might think one’s own situation is adequately understood, but to understand motivation a different kind of situational analysis, and not just familiarity with self, seems required. When people say they understand their own situation, it is mostly because they think they have familiarity with themselves and events they exprience.


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