Retaining Your Sense of Intelligence Among Other Smart People

Answering a Quora question about maintaining self-worth in the midst of superior talent.

Author: Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

Published: October 6th 2018

Edited: Original Edition

Quora Question: How do you balance being around super intelligent people and retaining your sense of intelligence?

Here’s what has been helpful to me:

So two things mainly. Remember you have value no matter what, and that your personal experience is unique. It takes some time to regain balance, but that’s only because you’re focused on something else. Of course it takes time to transition from that state of mind. When you can reflect on yourself again memories will come that establish your worth. Even famous and accomplished people go through this when they witness someone else exhibiting other types of talents.

[Mattanaw was not the author of the Quora question. Only the answer.]

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